The Intro:

homeShipping Contain Uh What? 

Hold on, bounce over here: I knew you knew what they were.  But, did you know what these big ole boxes are being used for once they’re worn out and retired?  You ready? These corrugated cargo holders are being transformed into affordable, sturdy, aesthetically amazing homes.  And guess what?……We built one.  With our own two hands + friends and family.  That means hammers, and drills, and acetylene torches, and a whole bunch of other gadgets and power tools!

Who Are We Anyways?

We are two big kids and one little.  Me (Brook) and my best bud, Ryan, fell oh so madly in love and made a baby oh so very quickly.  We were 23 at the time.  Now we are 28.  This makes Soleil, our daughter, three and some change.

Ryan and I both got one of them college educations and graduated top of our classes.  We both work our butts off, and with all this….we sit nicely atop (and occasionally just below)  the government’s line o’ poverty.

Thing is, we’re not the only ones hanging out here.  Lots of our buds are in the same boat.  Working with no clue how they are going to make it to the DREAM of the multi-hundred thousand dollar home, with the multimulti-hundred dollar mortgage.

We just want to shake things up a little, its kind of our way.

FwqPWJYeR_b1A46Ockk1FGJRaPdA5G0_cVWuMElLNGsOh Did I Mention The Bank Thinks We’re Cute And Hilarious And Wouldn’t Lend Us Any Money?

Yea.  That happened.

But, sometimes you get a break.  Sometime you just get lucky.  We have been blessed with a beyond kind private investor who believes in us and our hilarious dream.

How ’bout them apples, Wells Fargo?

The Skinny:

The dimensions of the home are 40×28 (hence the clever blog title, good job Ryan)

We used a fairly standard foundation, two shipping containers, and a shed roof

The home is 1,120 square feet

Our land/home package cost just over $110,000

We used recycled, salvaged, low cost and free materials whenever possible

We used our own hands, and the hands of friends and family, to accomplish a majority of the construction

We documented our process and our progress, in hopes of making your shipping container home a hell of a lot easier to build

A documentary film maker jumped on board, and a professional photographer decided she would like to be along for the ride!

You in for the ride? It’s going to be a great one!

14 thoughts on “The Intro:

  1. Love you guys and this idea! If there’s anything I can do or that you need sent from up here in Vermont let me know. I’ll be watchin on here either way. Miss yall.

  2. Wow! I have been wanting to do this for a while now. Looking forward to learning from you guys as you pursue and accomplish building your home. God bless you and stay safe.


  3. Awesome! I applaud your courage and determination to step beyond society’s definition of building a home. I am looking forward to reading and following you as you pursue and accomplish your goal of building your home. God bless you with happiness and safety.

  4. I live in a tt. I want to build a house of shipping containers. Me, wife & son are coming to Ashville end of month. We have land in rutherford co.

  5. This is an awesome place, exactly what my family and I are thinking about building… Going Tiny is a little harder with 5 kids, but we are going for it, congrats and again, incredible, seriously

    1. Relationships! Not only with those that worked on our house with us… but also with each-other. Brook and I separated six months after we moved into the home. Another hard part of the process was money. Realizing that even with re-used and re-purposed materials and over-estimating our budget, we still barely got our Certificate of Occupancy. It was tough.

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