Are We There Yet?…Oh Shit, We Are.

It should be noted that this wild plan of ours was scheduled to break ground about ten years from now.  I am currently writing a novel so the plan was this:  Write a novel. One of the best.  Get it published. Knopf, of course.  Hit the New York Times Best Sellers list.  Sell book for film adaptation.  Get money.  Buy land. Build home.

Well, I’m still writing the novel, but the pressure for Oprah’s Summer Pick has been lifted.

It was about a week ago when our downstairs neighbor came by with the observation that water was steadily dripping through her light fixtures. Hmmmm…probably not  good.  Over the next 24 hours, we would come to discover that our heat pump had been leaking, a nice slow, steady leak between the cement and snap wood floors. Two rooms of our 900 square foot apartment were sitting on water.  Water had traveled up the walls and down the walls.

Over the course of the next few days, we went about our homely activities to the white and
droning noise of industrial dehumidifiers and fans. Precision Restoration   did a fabulous job a drying out our home and ensuring we were 100% mold free.

Then, I got a call from Ryan.  He said we needed to move in about two weeks.  The owner of our condo wanted to start on restorations as soon as possible.  When the unit was back in perfect condition, she was going to seek a buyer.

It is one thing to pull a surprise house move off when you are just you or just you and him/her.  But enter toddling two year old, and your world is about to get a little rocked.

But, Ryan went on…we have an investor. We can build our home. Right now.

So that’s where we’re at.  Looking for a temporary abode, trying to seal the deal on some earth, and getting these blue prints signed and stamped.

Round of applause for Soleil, the most easy going adventure buddy we could ask for.  She told me last night, “All our new house needs is bugs and doors.” She doesn’t ask for much.


2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?…Oh Shit, We Are.

    1. Oh boy… moving out of a condo and into a new house while working on designing our own. Weddings all over the calendar and all over the USA in the next few months mixed in. Pretty crazy to say the least. Were holding on and trying to enjoy the ride and let go of the stress and doubt but it can be tricky sometimes.

      Send us good thoughts and wish us luck!

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