Treasure Hunting and DIY Flooring

Alright little blog.  All the bellies have been fed.  Baby is asleepish.  Let’s talk container home.

The last few days have been full of treasure hunting.  This addiction runs strong in both my own and Ryan’s family.  The cumulative effect of these genetics will probably put our daughter at dumpster diving levels.  In any event, we have blown it up on Craigslist.4109922972_7aa1abb7a8_z

We’re super systematic.  I stalk the Free, Material, and Appliances categories obsessively. When I spot something awesome, I email it to Ryan.  Ryan checks email immediately.  Ryan calls seller.  Ryan talks them down, usually to half of asking price. ASAP, we all jump in the car and hurry off to collect our “new present,” as Soleil says.

This week, we have acquired: Our front door, a huge, insulated window, another free huge insulated window, five interiors doors, a beautiful bathroom sink with a dark wooden base and a double sided stainless steel kitchen sink all for $200.

We’re freakish about this saving money and ‘not buyin’ nothin’ new business.

When we’re not looking for the next good deal high, we’re looking low.  I’m talking floors.  I’m talking Do It Your Mother Effin Self floors.  And guess what ladies and gents?  There are some rockin’ options out there.  Let’s sneak a peak at a few…

We are definitely doing this Abe Lincoln tribute floor. So, clean out your car seats..we’re taking donations!

We will be prepping  a large part of our home’s floor for radiant heating, however we will not complete this project until greater funds allow.  This means we have to leave the concrete exposed in the living and dining room areas.




You can do some neat things with acid on cement.  You could probably do some neat things on acid with cement.






And this is a floor made from pallets…glorious pallets

Thanks for checking in.  If you come across any killer finds, will you let us know? We’d love a “new present.”

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