Tired. Itchy. Happy.

Today was a no nap for child day.  Therefore,  this post will be written with a generous glass of wine in hand.

I think we’re zeroing in on our land choice.  This evening was spent marking off the lot.  The lot’s current owner and Ryan did a mighty fine string line and staking job. Um, one thing you want to make certain before falling in love with a piece of land: will there in fact be enough room for the trucks and cranes to set the containers?  A relatively flat, clear lot is also helpful, but if you ain’t got the space, you ain’t gettin’ no crates.

The verdict?  Looks good.  We will have the crane operators check it out in the next couple days to give us the official yay or nay.

This particular land option comes with a few treasures.  The first is the owner/seller.  She’s wonderful and she loves what we’re doing.  On the front edge of the property, there is an old storage shed.  Cedar siding, tin roof, sliding barn doors.  It needs some love, but hey, that’s what we’re all about.  It’s grandfathered in, so as long as it stays standing in some form, we can rehab, modify and add to it.  If we tear it down, nothing can be rebuilt on that portion of land.  I’m rooting for you little shed.  Otherwise, our home will be furnished with an ungodly amount of kayaking gear.

7854478274_99fc849818_cThe other treasure currently resides within aforementioned storage shed.  When the Asheville city courthouse was doing renovations, they ordered a BUNCH of tinted, insulated windows-all shapes and sizes. And, all shapes and sizes wrong.  They couldn’t return them, so they sold them super cheap.  The current landowner snatched ’em for a flip she was doing, but in the end didn’t use them either. They would come with the land purchase!

We’re all itchy due to land marking at mosquito happy hour.  Ryan asked if we were eligible for a $5,000 rebate on the land, due to the excessive evening buggage.  That guy is always looking for a discount. Love it.

The coming weeks should be full of big decisions, big purchases, and big fun.  I’ll raise (another) glass to that!

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