Above All Else, We Heart Home

    To feel amazed, inspired, in awe…grab a nice beverage and cozy up to this ten minute video.  I think I have a she-crush on this kick ass mama.

Good news of the day: We’ve got our engineer! IONCON out of Boone, NC will be overseeing our plans and lending a guiding hand in construction technique.  They are almost as excited as we are, so its a great match.

To briefly clarify…The last thing we intend for this blog to be is a bash against conventional American architecture.  I personally come from a lineage of home and commercial builders (a great-grandfather who was an integral part of the Empire State Building design team, in fact).  We have a deep appreciation for ALL structures called home .  Our intention is simply to be part of the ‘shedding light on alternatives team.’ This country’s broken economy combined with our personal circumstances have placed us in our particular financial situation.  Our brain power, drive and support from loved ones will get us out, move us up, and help us lend a hand to the next in need.  Just want you to know this ain’t no stick built home hatin’ website.  As long as your house is a home, we’re down.

7490249498_e41b9eb937_zSo, the crane will fit but we’ve got to make sure the flat-bed can simultaneously fit on or adjacent to the land.  Anybody drive a jumbo truck and could do a test run? Fortunately, this is not something Ryan can attempt on his own.

A little bit of sleep would be great for this project.  WARNING: Building your dream home, will make your head spin.  You will ogle sites like Houzz and Apartment Therapy daily. You will dream in design schemes (if you’re lucky enough to fall asleep) and wake up screaming things like, “Ikea shelving!! We must look into Ikea shelving!!”

So tonight is no more research. No more floor-plan re-draws. Tonight is rest.

Within whatever abode you reside, may you feel at peace and at home.

And with our daughter’s trademark sendoff, “Good night.  I love you to the bottom of the moon.”

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