Time To Get My Learn On

  If I don’t take some control of myself, this blog could easily turn into a collection of Pinterest inspirations and 1,001 uses for pallets.

Ryan gets home building.  He was an integral part of the construction team for his parent’s cottage–an AMAZING home made from an old chicken coop.  My dad was a home builder.  I would usually see the foundation of a home and then the finished product.  What went on in between is a Nancy Drew mystery to me.

I don’t get it, but I want to.  So, today Ryan and I decided to occasionally collaborate on these posts and work out a particular element of the building process.  He will help me wrap my head around things like insulation, roofing, and on-demand hot water heating systems.  We’ll fight, as he asks,”Why do you still look confused?” And I shout,”Because you’re confusing me!!!” And he screams, “Seriously?!” And then starts grabbing salt and pepper shakers, forks and spoons–all to produce a full on dramatic portrayal of how to frame a door.  I really don’t respond well to the ‘dinner table objects as stage props approach to education.’

After we fight, we’ll laugh.  I’ll process the info and spit it out here, for you.  For many, these could be mind numbing posts.  Maybe I could provide a nice Haiku for the already able bodied builders to read instead.  But hopefully, for some, these will be like short, digestible nuggets of info…It’s going to feel good to know our stuff.

So that’s just a little warning of what’s to come.  I thought I’d have lesson numero uno this evening, but last time I checked, my instructor was passed out–children’s book in hand, drool pool approaching Soleil’s sweet little sleeping self.296747958_8c15e91e3f_z

No updates on land today.  I did call the Police Department to get a crime record for the area.  I highly recommend this super easy task when looking at a land or home purchase.  There’s weird people everywhere. You just might want to avoid high concentrations of super weird people.

In other news, we acquired one new beautiful, insulated window today–gifted by Ryan’s boss.  Big thanks!


5 thoughts on “Time To Get My Learn On

  1. Ha! Can relate to this utterly. Daddy used to say that there’s a right way to dig a ditch and everybody has to be shown the way…perhaps a pencil and paper would work better than the salt shaker?
    And on an unrelated note: how’s the water there? Well or city? Sewer? Septic system? Land approved for these? Sorry to be so pedantic…

    1. I’ve begged Ryan for pencil and paper explanations…….
      S & P wins.

      The lot we are hoping to buy is within Asheville City limits so we will dig for city water and sewer. We’re not the first to build with shipping containers in Asheville, so although we expect some resistance, we know it can be done. One of Asheville’s breweries has its offices in a shipping container structure and just today I learned there is going to be a winery built in one overlooking the French Broad River. The containers exceed building code regulations on so many levels…fire proof, natural disaster resistance, etc. The construction is actually ‘too tight’ and extra ventilation, windows, fans must be worked into the plans. It will be classified at a steel frame home as opposed to a standard stick build home.

      I’ve been asking Myra for all of her help and guidance in the thrifty department. I know she’s helping us find all these low cost treasures and turn them into something beautiful.

      Pedantic is good. Keep it up!

  2. Love your posts Brook, and keeping up on all the happenings. How many pennies have you figured out you will need for your kitchen floor? Monet would have loved the copper ! I do too! hugs

    1. Not sure on an exact number yet, I think we’ll have to see the final layout of the kitchen area first. So glad we’ll have your contributions, sent all the way from Alaska no less!

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