Boring Blog #1…Enjoy!!

Let’s start kind of simple with this whole learning business…simple is about all I can handle at this hour of the day.

DSC_0572Hot water. In good Ole ‘merica, we like to get every home set up with a nice, big hot water heater that keeps a whole bunch of water super hot, all the time. Even when we’re not using it? Yep, even when.  Makes sense right? Mmmmmm, not when you stop and think about it for a minute.

It super doesn’t make sense when there is a very affordable, highly efficient alternative–the tankless, or on demand, hot water heating system.  These suckers provide endless hot water, save you space and money, and give Mama Earth a little bit of a break (she’s ’bout sick and tired of keeping your water bubble bath ready at all hours of the day and night). On demand is pretty much the only heating device used in Europe, so you also get chic points if you go this route.

This article is great at laying it all out.

This is the one we’re thinking of getting.

Here’s a picture with words that make more sense than mine:

Good job everyone, we made it through semi-educational post #1 and me and Ryan still love each other.  Now can I go back to and plan our textile knockoffs?


3 thoughts on “Boring Blog #1…Enjoy!!

  1. Good thinking! Not boring at all. Makes such sense makes ya wonder why the other kind is still being used. Paul has wanted one of those for a long time… y’all are on the right path in every way. No doubt M. is hanging over your shoulder saying Yes!

      1. Kim,

        Your home inspired us and we are hoping to bring some of the love and joy we found there in with the inspiration for our new home.

        Thank you and please let us know if you have any brilliant ideas for our dream house!

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