Basic Flowplan And We Saw The Light(s)

This evening I present to you..Ryan’s free hand sketch up of the floor plan.  You will enter the home bottom center/left where it says ‘sliding glass door.’  Nearly all of our water runs along the back wall.  This is also where the highest part of the foundation is set, allowing easy access to plumbing.


If you can imagine…when you walk through the front door, you are looking straight back to the horizontal 40 foot long shipping container.  The interior wall has been removed so as to open the space all the way back to the exterior wall.  The other shipping container has been cut in half and begins at the hallway on the left and the 8×8 bedroom on the right.  So, the 40 foot container and the 2 twenty foot containers make a “U shape.” A concrete slab is poured in the center space.

shed roof

A shed roof will cover the entire structure.  Coming from the back of the forty-footer, it will slope down towards the front of the home.  This roof structure allows us to make a livable loft space on top of the forty foot container and storage loft space on top of the 2 twenty foot containers.

Is this all making sense? Sounds a little mumbo jumbo as I attempt to layout the lay out.

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions or fabulous ideas about the BASIC structure/floorplan.

Twelve of these
Four of these

Super score of the day:  Ryan busted out of the house extra early this morning to go snatch up a total of 16 wall sconces.  They had been removed from a local swanky swank hotel during a renovation.  We priced them new at around $250 each.  We got them, in total, for $300.  This should take care of nearly all needed lighting. Brilliance.


Attempting to find temporary housing while we build.  All envisionings of just the right spot are currently being accepted.

Thanks to all you beautiful people tuning into this daily “Dear Diary.”  We’re so glad you’re riding along with us…


6 thoughts on “Basic Flowplan And We Saw The Light(s)

  1. Just a few questions.
    1-What is the usable space within the containers? I assume the 20′ & 40′ is the outside length. Is the outside width 8.5′? Do you lose much length by the cut? What wall thickness is required to finish inside?
    2-Is the door on right of drawing used to load in from driveway? What would be outside door on left?
    3- How will you access loft space (ladder or stairs)?
    4- Is the furniture dimensioned to what you own? Is it to scale? Looks like scale is 1 square to a foot.
    5- The front right bedroom access- would you walk out in front of tv?
    6-Do you have software for putting into computer? I have Home Design Studio for Mac that I used for my studio and it really helped me see a few of the fine details. If you don’t have or plan to buy, maybe I can put it in my computer and send it to you when you get close to a final plan.

    And finally, congratulations on the sconce lighting. It’s beautiful!

    1. Hey Colleen!,

      Let’s see…

      1. The usable space is 1120 square feet (8.5 was a booboo, should be 8), not including the lofts. The STORAGE lofts each provide 200 square feet of space and the LIVING loft (most likely used for home office and extra guest space) is an extra 400 square feet. So, total of 1520 square feet of walk, dance and skip around space, and 400 square feet of non-closet storage space.

      2. Pay no mind to door on the right. To be “to code” we need 2 doors standard size/large enough for medical/fire people to get in if needed. We didn’t know if it would be on right or left, but going with left as we will not have to build so many steps (less degree of hill angle on left) and we’ll be able to hear when our sneaky teenagers are attempting a midnight escape 🙂 We will have the required amount of gravel (city requires enough for 1 off-street parking space) at the front of the property, but that will be all in terms of driveway (for the time being atleast).

      3. Still pondering how to access lofts in most affordable way. I don’t think the storage space needs more than ladder access. The living loft needs something more fortified, especially since we’ll be wanting to move some furniture up there. Any thoughts?

      4. In terms of furniture, we are pretty bare bones. Pretty much everything we currently own has been given to us or is from Habitat, etc.. There’s a few things we are a bit attached to and we know those will fit.

      5. Front right bedroom walks out to the left of TV as of now.

      6. Right now, we are just using Illustrator on Ryan’s Mac. We would absolutely LOVE any software that might be able to be shared.

      Thank you so much for you thoughtful questions, this is what we’re looking for!!

  2. I’ll look in more detail at kitchen, when I get info on inside dimensions, but if you leave the long back wall, you might want to consider swapping sink and stove. That way you can take veggies out to clean in sink, then make their way to stove. Just my 2¢.

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