Lookin’ Boxy


No luck on the big truck.  But, we’re keepin’ the faith.  Collected a couple more option potentials today.  Fingers crossed.  If all goes swell, we’ll be trading some whole lotta dollas for some whole little land very soon.

What’s so great about building with crate?

There are many reasons why the used shipping container makes an excellent building material. Here’s a handful…

First, it gives these orphaned boxes a home.  They make long voyages from Europe and Asia carrying imported goods.  The U.S. doesn’t have many exports going back and its too expensive to ship these suckers empty, so they stack up and sit, and sit, and sit.

Strong M Fers.  Stacked 9 high, each can hold 65,000 lbs.. Great for hoarders.

Not so many trees and quick construction. These hunka steels can go up on site in 60 days or less.  We will be using the minimal amount of contracting, so our goal is 6 months for move-in ready (this may not include the much anticipated penny floor).

Affordable.  This needs to happen.  Everyone should have access to beautiful, affordable housing.

Outstanding fire and safety ratings.  Come hell or high water, these homes are here to stay.  Ideal for hurricane-prone areas and Dorothy.

Ability to be pre-fabed and freighted away = rescue housing for natural disaster relief.

Cool. Just plain cool.

There are some cons, or how about ‘intriguing obstacles,’ that come along with this out-of-the-box box building.   We’ll get into those a bit later.

Check out this Brooklyn abode…


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