After All This Detox, Not Really Looking For A Retox

Brain is fried.  I know this because I first wrote that sentence ‘Brian is fired.’  Our sleeping hours have been few.  Most of this is from excitedly plotting and planning well into the night, but holy goodness, the double shot breve from my favorite caffeine shack is no joke.  Its been 72 hours since that one and I’m just now coming down.

I’m trying to not freak out, but to also seriously look at the toxicity issues that arise with cargo construction.  Most containers are made in China.  Most are painted with lead paint. Nearly all are treated with heavy duty pesticides to keep critters from hitching a free ride.

These are some pretty real facts for a granola munchin’, GMO fighting, clean air and water loving family.Image

The lead paint I’m not super worried about.  It’s really only an issue if you decide to make a snack out of it.  We will cover it with new, lead-free, low VOC paint and call it a day.

The floors are a bit of a different story.  Many who weigh in the issue are in favor of completely removing the floors (typically made of tropical hardwoods and a nice chemical bath).  Our project manager chose not to remove the floors of his container homes, but rather seal them and then lay flooring.  This is most likely the route we will take.

Obviously, we want the healthiest home possible so the research will continue.  In the meantime, we are working as much ventilation into the plans as possible.


And on a side note…Image

I would like to have this counter top in my life:


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