New Lease?, Gettin’ Stuff Done, Peter DeMaria Is Inspirational, And A Potential Houseload Of Presents

Our moving date is roughly 2 weeks away and its looking pretty good in the ‘not renting a street side curb’ department.  Our ideal situation was to rent the house directly across from the lot we plan on purchasing. Ryan had a meeting with the owner of the house this evening and they shook on it.  Nothing signed, but a firm shake from good hearted country folk is about as good as a John Hancocked agreement.  Living here (literally less than 50 feet from where we plan on building) would allow us to work early mornings, late evenings and everything in between.

Peter DeMaria’s Redondo Beach Container House

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, we’ll be turning up the heat to get designs tightened up and submitted to our engineer and to the city. Ultimately, we’ve got to get both of these parties happy (or at least grudgingly happy) before any land buying can happen. So, in an effort to align the forces, I’ve worked up a little mantra.  It goes, “Oooooom Asheville city. You are so open and understanding.  You have been waiting for our plans and you can’t wait to approve them.  All of our permits you will hand over with grace.  Because you, city, are an awesome city. Ooooooom.”

Speaking of Awesome, you should watch this video with super inspiring artist and architect, Peter DeMaria.

[ width=”550″ height=”443″]

Tomorrow morning, Ryan is going to check out a house that is being completely torn apart.  The owner has offered us anything that we want and can haul.  This should be interesting…

Stay tuned, it’s gettin’ kind of juicy.


6 thoughts on “New Lease?, Gettin’ Stuff Done, Peter DeMaria Is Inspirational, And A Potential Houseload Of Presents

      1. Just watched the video…..sooooooooooo inspiring! LOVE IT!
        Like what he said about using cement board and not having to paint and repaint a house….. so smart!

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