There are 2 main aspects to our money saving plan with this home.  The first is the use of the shipping containers.  If you stand a container home up to a comparable stick built home, the container home costs approximately 40% less.  For us, the other half of the penny pinching equation is that we are using as many hand-me-down, up-cycled, down-cycled and re-cycled materials as possible.

Deconstruction: the art of extracting all things usable from homes and buildings prior to remodeling or demolition.  This is becoming a trendy little past time for those who will gladly trade a little labor for some goods.  A couple of posts back, I mentioned that Ryan was going to check out one of these deconstruction sites.  This particular one is a 1970’s home that is being completely demolished so that new construction may be built in its place. Thank you Junk Recyclers and the Regeneration Station for helping us find this deconstruction wonder and helping the owner recycle instead of wasting all this excess material!

Here’s a glimpse at some of what Ryan extracted and hauled off…

more windows
more more windows
ceiling fan(s)
big kid potty

He’ll be going back for more as it becomes available.  This is the kind of stuff that ADDS UP.  Opportunities like this are golden and we are super grateful for all these new pieces of the puzzle.


One thought on “YouHaul

  1. So inspiring! You know, one of my clients is an architect here in town. Let me ask him if he’s got any remodels going that might be a source of goodies for you two.

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