Down ‘n Out and Re-inspired

Whenever I feel like people aren’t stressing out enough, I decide to stress out for them.  Our condo is half packed, and the bigger half is still left.  We think we have a new rental lined up, buuuuut not sure.  Ryan and Soleil are taking it all in stride, as usual.  This means I have to take care of all the anxiety, freaking out and restless sleep business.  Thanks guys. Thanks alot.

It is becoming clear that following a dream is wonderful, and at the same time, will throw you onto the looney train.  The sacrifices you make (mostly zzzzzz’s) are numerous.

happy go freakin' lucky
happy go freakin’ lucky

But, PASSION is a ‘no one stand in my way’ type force and she really doesn’t wish to hear about your fears, your concerns or your “Are we doing the right thing?” B.S. questions. “Keep going!,” is the only bone she’s ever thrown me.

PLEASE take a moment to check out this beauty: Savannah Project

…On an evening of feeling less than inspired, this beautiful home made me smile, gave me butterflies and shook up my weary soul.  It also came with the one word reminder I was needing (it’s in the kitchen).


5 thoughts on “Down ‘n Out and Re-inspired

  1. There’s people that do things but most don’t, so if you don’t do then you will never know. Xxxxxxxx

  2. Try…It seems that all the good in my life has always come with a large handful of stress, but I think that is what makes me humble and appreciative. I love what you and yours are doing and I enjoy following the journey. I am visiting with your sweet momma today and Aunt Jeanette. I found a love letter to Myra from a young man named Roy, I am going to quiz Aunt Net about Roy. I think there is a really good story there. Love ya!

    1. Jeannette! So glad to see you here. Roy?!! I always heard about Raymond, but never Roy. Oh Myra and her admirers…definitely many good stories. Have a wonderful ladies lunch, wish I was there.

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