Uuuuuuh, I Think We’re Really Building A Home Now (For Real For Real)

The foundational rule we set for this project, from the beginning, was that we would only invite positivity into the picture.  This whole thing is insanely exciting, but its also insanely challenging.  We are all about constructive input, but honestly, there is just not enough energy in the budget to tend to Debbie Downers. So, we set the rule.  We pronounced the intention. And dang, it’s working.

It is unbelievably refreshing to be in the presence of people who not only love what they do, but do what they love incredibly well.  I don’t mean to brag, but we’ve kind of got the A Team putting this whole thing together.  This evening was spent at the Westville Pub with Ryan, myself, our contractor (along his most lovely wife and daughter), our engineer and his right hand man.  These dudes know their shtuff.  And they’re juiced about the endeavor.  They are all highly skilled in their respective fields and they are mindful of our budget.  They can hand over a reality check, but with an antidote of encouragement.  Positivity.  We dig that vibe.

I won’t break it all down to detail yet, but as an overview, the topics reviewed tonight included: heating and cooling systems, insulation (yea, we’re not done with this one), access to loft space (stairs), ventilation, and basic floor plan edits (optimal space usage).


The crushing blow came when it was brought to our attention that the insane amount of windows which come with the land–you know, the ones that were going to make our entire window wall–well, they are not framed.  And you cannot frame your own windows to code.  And so no window wall.  And a sad me.  And a sadder Ryan.  He’s binge ice cream eating to cope.

BUT, positivity!  We’ll turn those suckers into an INSANE greenhouse.  And eat more ice cream to celebrate.


I mean seriously, we’d kind of be assholes if we moped around while this one cheeses it up all day…


5 thoughts on “Uuuuuuh, I Think We’re Really Building A Home Now (For Real For Real)

  1. I just talked to Ryan about this, I think You could build the Window Wall out of Sliding Glass Doors, which have the proper casings and are double paned and large and open easily…

  2. so, I just want to tell yall that your ideas are amazing… im excited for you guys anddd so glad you are choosing to share publically your journey, thanks!
    good luck,

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