Tonight we present floor plan updates.  These are the first drafts drawn up by IONCON from Ryan’s sketches.  We have met with our engineers and contractor and made modifications, but most of the what you see has stayed the same.  We will be turning the half bath into a full.  Figure it will help us scrubadub in double time and significantly increase the value of the home.

container_planThis first one is the basic layout of the containers. The forty foot long container runs horizontally along the back. The second forty foot container has been cut in half.  Each open twenty foot half is welded to an end of the forty footer, resulting in a U-shape. A wall will be constructed to enclose the front of the home. PEX piping will be laid for future radiant floor heating and concrete will be poured in the middle, open space. A roof will cover the entire structure.


Next up, the outside view. Top left is the front entrance.  Top right is the back. Bottom left and bottom right are side view (roof pitched in back and sloping down towards front of house).

floor_plan_1Lastly, interior. Enter bottom, off-center left. Open floor plan. Living room area to the left.  Straight ahead we will be removing the center wall of the forty footer, and lining the back wall will be our kitchen and all kitchen appliances.  Bar top island and dining table in same area.  Bathrooms to the left and right of kitchen.  Master bedroom is bottom left.  Two smaller bedrooms on the right.  Now, imagine the 40 foot container. The top of the container has not been removed.  It is essentially the ceiling of the kitchen and bathrooms. But, it has the mega roof covering it.  So, this creates a 8’x40′ loft space above the kitchen/bathroom area. Still trying to figure out access to this space.  Spiral staircase? Fortified ladder?

It’s simple, but functional. In addition to standard closet spaces, the tops of the twenty foot container sections will be able to be used for storage (accessible by ladder).  We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the changes, drafts and finalizations!

In other news…Coming straight outta my hometown, Ryan Williamson has built quite the DIY bungalow.  This little write up is a great read and definitely up and down our alley. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Much Mo Betta Plans

  1. Love it. The printing is tiny so I can’t see exactly the labeled rooms. But I get the idea. So the middle area is living space, too? It will be heated? Or am I wrong here?

    1. Hi Anne! You should be able to click on the images for an enlarged version. Let me know if that helps. The whole middle section is living space The whole house will be heated and cooled, probably using a “mini-split system.” More on that to come 🙂

  2. Curious why you wouldn’t have an on-suite bathroom for the Master bedroom? Then put your 2nd door, out, down the hall on the right?!

    1. We want to have as much of our plumbing along the back wall as possible. The back wall will be the highest wall from the ground and the easiest to access for pipes under the home. We also need as much storage space as possible in the closet as we will not have room for a dresser or anything like that in our master bedroom!

      Thanks for the thought though… it is definitely worth considering a on-suite master bathroom.

  3. Love your house!I was wondering if you could have used two twenty foot containers instead of cutting the forty foot in half?Thanks so much and all success with your new home!

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