A Moment Of Reflection And Can’t Wait For The First Bubble Bath

Hey everybody, I’m back. Round of applause for Ryan’s post last night? Not only did he tuck me in snug as a bug and write the post, but he also covered some stuff that was top priority on my avoidance list. I asked him if he wanted to write from now on, but he was all, “Nah, I’m good.”

I recently had a meeting with someone who is pretty interested into what we’re up to.  He asked some great questions that nudged me into clarifying some of the answers, even for myself.  A couple of the larger themes included, “What’s the point?” and “How is this project unique?”

The personal point is to have a beautiful, safe home for our family to grow, live and thrive in.  Beyond that, the point is to prove to ourselves and to others that this can be accomplished on a comparably small budget. That there are a million and one ways to be resourceful. That as a people, we can’t just keep throwing away perfectly usable stuff because trash doesn’t go away, you just don’t see it after it leaves the end of your driveway.

This is why I think our project is unique.  In our studies and searches on this whole shabang, we have found two relatively polarizing sides.  First, there is the live-off-the land, get off the grid type–single container home,  jimmy rigged appliances,  $5,000-$10,000. In this same price range are the pre-fabricated emergency shelter, single container homes.

humble abode
humble abode

Then there are the architecturally defiant, five story stacked container mansions outfitted in everything custom, everything flashy, everything wow.  This type does take advantage of the inherent benefits of cargo construction, but the price tag is high and the containers appear more as a novelty.


So basically, when we noticed this gap, we knew that was our place.  Middle path…we’re pretty much like the Buddha.

Really anything extreme doesn’t float my boat. Yes, I would love a few crazy chickens and a garden.  I’m all about passive solar, and on demand, recycled and eco-friendly.  But at this point in my life, I am not begging to get off of any grid.  Washer and dryer, yes please. Hot shower, uh huh.  Call me high maintenance, that’s just where I’m at.  And we think there’s a lot of people hanging out right about there too. Somewhere in the middle.  We don’t resonate with material excess. We don’t need 4,000 square feet of living space, but we’d like a little more than 500.

So to wrap up these ramblings…

-We are not tiny-home, or completely self-sufficient dreamers (although both amazing and thank you for picking up our slack)

-We want to build a home on a blue collar budget and we want it to be awesome.

-We want to inspire. To take what we learn, polish it up and pass it on.

So that’s just a little bit of that. Here’s our new tub (kind of a rough Craigslist photo, but you’ll get the point).

clawfoot love
clawfoot love

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