Pack, Dance, Breathe

Well, we’re officially in that awkward phase of moving. You know, where up until now you’ve done a  great job at imagesmethodically packing…this box labeled “linens,” this one “books,” but now you’re just chucking single shoes, a towel, and three Legos into a pillow case and labeling it “stuff.” Gotta be out by the weekend.  I think we can, I think we can…

So we are indeed moving to the house directly across from the lot which we intend to purchase.  This will help tremendously when it comes time for construction. We’re trying to carry on swiftly before the shortest, coldest days of the year come creeping in.

Dances With Goats

We are happy to report that little Soleil is on the mend.  She’s usually not down long before she’s back to shouting orders and ruling the roost.  Because she’s dealing with this not-so-awesome respiratory stuff, we are serious about the air quality of our home.  We are willing to rearrange our budget to keep the breathing clean and easy.  When we had our construction meeting indexlast week, it was recommended to us that we look into mini-split heating/cooling/air purifying systems. They are ductless and allow climate control on a room to room basis. From what we can tell so far, this looks like our best bet. Here’s one site worth checking out. Anybody have personal experience with the Lennox or other similar system? It’s estimated that for our home, the cost of using the mini-split system would come out to be somewhere between $5,000-$6,000.

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