Stairway To (Loft) Heaven


Ask and you shall receive?

Apparently so.  This hunka metal had been sitting on an empty lot across from our current home for a very long time.  I personally didn’t even look to see what it was until about two weeks ago. Right around the time that a spiral staircase was suggested to us from all corners of the globe. Jives with building code-check, saves space-yep, is amazing-double yeps.

We need to find Ryan an official job where he just talks to people and gets free stuff. We figured out that the guy that owns the land upon which the stairs lay, lives just a bit further down the street.  So, bright and cheery this morning, Ryan shows up unannounced to inquire. They end up chatting close to an hour.  Round about 10am I get a call.  “You should go take a picture of that spiral staircase for the blog.” “Why,” says me. “Because it’s ours,” says Ry. “It’s a gift from the guy I just met.”  I am not joking you.  This is Ryan’s daily life story.

The stairs will need some luvin, as a good amount of rust has settled in. It was suggested to us that we first pressure wash, then steel wool scrub, then use some kind of crazy chemical, then paint and seal.  Anyone have experience in the rust removal field?

This fire pit was also gifted to us today. 1369014_10152012512523125_205909362_nMy main motive for camping as a child was the guarantee  of late night s’more making. The fact that we could make this happen from the comfort of our own backyard means, well, I need to buy more stretchy pants.

Thank you all for continuing to tune in and catch up on all our crazy antics.


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