Holding Pattern

To pack more boxes or catch up on The Daily Show episodes…that is truly the question.  There’s much to be accomplished in the next 72 hours.  Fortunately, family and friends have been swooping in to save the days. Tomorrow is paperwork signing day and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be loadin, haulin, scrubbin, unpackin, settin up shop days. We totally got this.

Once relocated, its going to be all about finalizing blueprints and getting our permit to build. Ryan met with a container home builder today and apparently got his mind blown with new information.  I’m supposed to be having a briefing on it all right now, but him and half pint are O-U-T out.

At this point, I think if I continue to write I’ll just be making stuff up.  So, brief it will be for this evening. Cross your fingers for some smooth contract signing!

murphy bed jealousy
murphy bed jealousy
shipping container insanity
shipping container insanity


One thought on “Holding Pattern

  1. Good luck, Brook! We’re pulling for you. Let me know if you need another person to look over any blueprints.

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