capesAlright alright, jumping into a coffee shop to snag a few WiFi minutes. I’m three weeks into a coffee cleanse. I wish this meant that I was only  drinking coffee. What it means is that I am very sad sitting at this coffee shop drinking chamomile tea. But enough about me, let’s get back to la casa.

I’m going to purchase a super giant calendar because from now on our days will be growing more and more full. Our immediate goal is to have the second (maybe final) draft of the blueprints by the end of this week. I’m getting antsy for that permit. All in good time.

We’re looking for an off-site lot to place the containers so we can knock out the cutting and a good deal of the welding before dropping them down for good.  This off side spot needs to be gravel or concrete…just not a plot of grass that we would TEAR. UP.

green river photoThanks for hanging with us while we’re majorly transitioning.  It will be great to start posting the day-to-day construction updates.  We’ve had TWO professional photographers offer to photo-document as much of this process as possible. Saweet!


The new place should be plugged into cyber world tomorrow, see you then!


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