We Don’t Need No Gasoline

Hey Party People!

Well this is a treat…I’m back to writing from the comfort of our couch, nestled in a pile of blankets, warm beverage within reach.

First off, let it be known, this manual mower thing is uh mazing. ImageSoleil helped for a minute, but in the end a cold glass of lemonade and a shady spot won her over.  Here’s the end product on our back yard.  “Is that one of them old timey mowers?,” is a question posed by onlooking neighbors. “Uh, yea. But awsome-er.” People of the baby boom generation seem to be divided right down the middle on this one.  The manual mower either brings back the nostalgia of a simpler time, a good sweat and a crisp cut right to the edge…Or, the painstaking task of grounds keeping, the dread of a dull blade, THE WORST CHORE EVER.  One lady at Lowes actually begged and pleaded for Ryan to not buy the mower.  “Please, don’t do this to yourself. Don’t do this to your family.”

So far, I’m in love.

This is pretty wonderful: Asheville is starting a tool library. News 13 did a 30 second clip about it here: http://wlos.com/shared/news/features/top-stories/stories/wlos_asheville-tool-library-13223.shtml#.Uje7L7y9xck

905299_193574400790749_139185619_oThey were also just on the front page of the Citizen Times! The article is written here: http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20130916/NEWS/309160032/Tool-library-coming-Asheville-February Soon we’ll be able to check out tools and return them when they’re due (click on the image to see their Facebook page). I really can’t believe the timing on this one.  We will certainly utilize this resource once they’re up and running (early 2014). These are already established in a number of cities and there are more and more springing up. Asheville’s is currently accepting donations so chip in if you’re able. Oh and did I mention…? They will be operating out of two shipping containers. Booyah.

Soleil melted down for all of us yesterday.  She put all her tears and energy into saying, “I miss my old house, I don’t like this new house.” I hear ya hunny child. Making big life moves with a wee one in tow really makes you aware of the shake-up-your world nature of change and taking chances. Some days of this whole thing are filled with passion and excitement.  Some are filled with anxiety, sadness and if I smoked cigarettes I’d smoke a pack right now moments. But, “left foot, right foot,” as Soleil says. So we look back. We honor the past. Take a deep breath. Look ahead. And move forward. Left foot, right foot.

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