New Plans, Get Em While They’re Hot!

Hey Pals,

First off…word to the wise. You probably do not want to light any matches or throw any cigarettes in our front yard.  It has been completely dowsed in gasoline.  As I was mowing I noticed one pesky little yellow jacket.  Then I noticed a hole. Then I noticed 20 yellow jackets. Then I ran. Props to my new mower though. Had I been using a loud and aggressive gas powered mower, I do believe those buzzers would have been all kinds of hysterical. But because I didn’t disrupt their little ground nest too much, they were more just like, “What the F, guys?” In any event, they had to go. And because Ryan is severely allergic to their stings, it was an all out yellow jacket genocide. RIP little guys, RIP.

Well, IONCON (our fabulous engineering company) is on the ball and has sent over round two of the blueprints. First up, interior. You can click on these images to enlarge them. There are a few main changes from the last. What was the hallway on the left leading to a side door, is now the laundry room.  The side door has been re-located to the back of the house adjacent to the stove. The spiral staircase (woop woop!) is between the bathroom and back door. The entrance to the house is a bit more centered and opens into dining and living spaces.1

Next up, exterior.2 The main change here is the “window wall.” Our guys at IONCON actually do think we can use the windows that come with the land, but they’re still working out the details.  In this updated version, they have reduced the number of windows by about half. This would still leave us with a pretty sweet effect without going broke on warm and cool air loss.  Gotta love a good compromise.

We are stoked about these updates. We’ll spend just a bit more time tweaking and refining, but I think we’re pretty dang close to submission time.

Remember all those concrete tiles me and Soleil manhandled into the back of my car? Our engineer also suggested that we cement these into the floor of the forty foot loft space (top of the forty foot container) and use them as a sort thermal flooring solution. Potential brilliance.

One situation we’re weighing out is this: K, so the tops of the twenty foot container are being used as storage spaces.  The engineer’s approach is to build walls from the edge to the roof on each so that they are enclosed “attic-like” spaces.  You would enter them from doorways off of the forty foot loft space. The other option is no walls, just open space accessed by a simple ladder. This option would be cheaper (no walls, no doors) and POTENTIALLY aesthetically interesting (as you would have more of an impression of the containers when you are within the home. On the other hand, depending on the amount and organizational level of the stored items, it could look cluttered and weird. Not so chic oo la la.

Thoughts, concerns and wildest dreams now being accepted.

2 thoughts on “New Plans, Get Em While They’re Hot!

  1. I say leave it open with a ladder. You can get creative with storage ideas- forces you to stay ” organized” instead of chucking random things into a space like most of us do:)

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