Time to rip down a house.

I called my friend Tyler today (Owner of Junk Recyclers and The Regeneration Station) and he informed me that the demolition date of the 1970’s house had been pushed forward. It turns out that it will be torn down tomorrow morning at 9am. Thankfully, I called him on my lunch break. This gave me time to call around and see who might be able to help me tear things out of there after work.

war zone?I got to the house around 6pm and it looked like a war zone. Tyler had sold the entire garage and deck already. Most of the roof had been torn apart, the upstairs deck was gone, and only half of a deck was left downstairs. There was a 20ft. tall CAT backhoe ready for the morning destruction to the right of the house.

no roofI started by taking out the downstairs sliding glass door (frame had been screwed AND nailed to the 2×4’s around it which was awesome). There was JUST enough deck downstairs left for me to take out the door… the deck literally ended on the right side of the door; a no railing 15 ft. drop.

Thank You!After taking that out as well as a LOT of interior doors, and shelves, Megan and Bo (my sister and her boyfriend) saved the day! They helped me d-construct the upstairs sliding glass door (no deck up there so the door opened to a 25ft. outside drop). They also brought a trailer which they helped me load with all the doors and shelves. We stayed until dark and worked with ONE headlamp for the last hour!

I am soooooo grateful for their help.

After a long day at work and a long night of deconstruction, I will be heading back out to the 1970’s house tomorrow morning to get one final go at it and then watch the CAT tear it apart! Wish me luck!


Alright… time for a few hours of sleep. Thanks for reading!


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