Just got in from some early birthday festivities and there’s not much time before the clock strikes twelve and this little post is due.

Let’s see, let’s see…Top of the awesome list is we were just invited to be part of two barn deconstructions. This means wood. Potentially lots of pretty wood. Happy dance happening now.images

We also get to tag along for another home deconstruction and from this one we’ll be focusing on materials pulled from the walls and the roof.

As you’re probably starting to see, the more time you can hang out in the planning and preping phase, the more materials you can collect and the less dinero you’ve got to shell out. We are lucky because our rental has a good sized basement and our family has some storage space in their barns not too far outside of town.

With a nudge from our engineering team, we’re leaning more and more towards working a wood burning stove into the plans. It was brought to our attention that the stove and radiant floor heating could potentially be linked and work together, but we’ve got to dive into the research and get back to you on that one.

Tonight I am grateful for having orbited the sun 27 times, for a healthy family, fabulous friends, and the opportunity to build our version of a dream house. Next time I write, I will be older, wiser and so much more mature than I am tonight. Yea. Right.


4 thoughts on “Must Type Fast

  1. Glad to hear you’re able to pick up the materials you need. I think the idea of a wood burning stove is excellent. Only thing I would be concerned with is oxygen levels or gasses in a confined space. Personally I’m leaning towards a fireplace with heat exchanger. Looking forward to your post and Happy Birthday.

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