I am one lucky lady. Today, as I entered year 27, I was showered with love, gifts and surprises at every turn. The best part was I got to hang out with Ryan, for like, multiple hours.  The busyness that is our lives right now has put hang time at an all time low, so what a truly special gift to reconnect, eat amazing food, thrift shop and just plain kick it. I like that guy.

A few days ago, we threw out a slew of questions to our design team and today they sent back a bunch of answers.

First up: the wood stove situation. We were thinking about building a heat retention wall, but didn’t realize we had indexunderestimated the amount of heat these suckers can pump out. Getting up to temps between 500 and 1,000 degrees, we will most likely find ourselves looking for a window to crack. Any retaining area we might build would serve more as a safety measure for toddling feet and curious little hands.

Grey water: We were under the impression that this was a nada nada when it came to city code. But, we we’re delighted to find our we were wrong on this one. We can do it to code so long as we clearly label the pipes and specify where the water is coming from.

We are Southerners. So, how we neglected to work a porch into our plans I may never know. Ryan picked up on it a few days ago so we asked our engineer about pricing, etc.. Looks like materials wouldn’t exceed $1,000. He suggested building it on the side of the imageshouse where the sun sets..you know, for those romantic dinners we’ll get around to some day.  This is not something we need to do initially.  I’m trying to stay hyperfocused on the necessities. I really love the challenge of working with our budget. It is big enough that we can splurge on a few things we love, but its also so tight that even a $5 dollar item has to be seriously weighed out and given some thought. We are keeping a ledger on all costs which will one day be available for your viewing and enjoyment.

We like the idea of using our acquired square pavers as the flooring for the loft, however, we were concerned about them turning the space into an oven in the Summer. Turns out, our engineers have placed the windows in such a way that with the overhang of the roof, the pavers will not receive sunlight in the Summer, only in the Winter. Brilliance.

So there’s a few questions-sorted, guided and answered. I feel so confident in the team we’ve got backing us up. We got this. We so got this.


5 thoughts on “Great Start To A New Age

  1. Hi Brook,
    I absolutely love all your posts and what you all are doing…I finally got through all your posts last week and now I’m able to follow as you post…You, Ryan and sweet little Soleil are well on your way to inspiring so many people…I wish you all the very best and great success in all that you are doing now and in the future…You are all in my thoughts and prayers…Praying for God’s Abundant Blessings for you and your family always…Talk to you soon…Edie, a new friend and follower from PA… :o)

    Here is a possible patio idea when you are ready…”PALLETS”; there’s a ton of amazing ideas out there, check it out when you are ready…I have lots and lots of links with in my Facebook page, ..

    1. Hi Edie!
      Thank you so much for following along, glad you are enjoying. It’s been a lot of work so far and a lot more to come, but we believe in what we’re doing and we are so grateful for the support coming from all corners of the country (and beyond).

      Wow! Amazing pallet pictures 🙂

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