Hello again blogging World. This is Ryan with some cool new news for you 2 digest!

We recently decided (which I believe Brook alluded to in her previous post) to put a wood burning stove in our home. This was upon suggestions from multiple people including our engineer for energy efficiency and cheap heating power in the winter months. I have been researching wood stoves and have stumbled upon many GREAT ideas I would like to share and hopefully get some feed-back on!

stoveFirst we have the barrel stove. $45 will get you the entire kit to make a stove from a steel drum barrel. vertical drum
Simply Google: “steel drum wood burning stove” to find them! It seems the normal way people use these stoves is to have the steel drum horizontal. It also appears that you can stand the drum on end and have it as a vertical stove… thus creating a flat surface (top of barrel) to cook on. Either way you can re-purpose a steel drum for a stove! Just make sure it was not carrying anything toxic before you do.

beautifulrayburnSecond we have the BEAUTIFUL (and rather pricey) normal wood burning stoves. We may be able to find one for a deal on Craigslist or at a re-store somewhere, but usually they run in the multi-hundred dollar range.

Third we have the ROCKET STOVE. nicodermus
This concept requires quite a bit of DIY building, but the final product produces maximum heat for minimum wood. It also gives an awesome heat retention system in order to store the heat generated from the stove for a long long time and slowly release it.

rocket stoverocket mass heater belgiumrocket mass heater brussels

No matter what we decide to do, we are pretty sure of the location of the stove.
Enter engineered interior blueprints version-3:


Given the amount of heat the stove will radiate, we have chosen to position it in the center of our abode. We will have it close to the kitchen (so that we can easily use it for a cooking device if need be). We will also be placing it below our 40 foot ceiling where we will have concrete poured on top. This way we can use our ventilation pipes to radiate heat to the roof of the 40 foot container.

wood water heaterAnother aspect we will be incorporating (no matter which stove we use) will be a stovepipe water heating system. We will have PEX tubing laid out through our living room floor and possibly some other floors as well. This wood stove vent water heater is a GREAT way to preserve your heat and keep it radiating over a larger surface for a longer period of time. Here is a wonderful DIY video on how to wrap your copper tubing around your stove vent:

barrel_drum_smokerhot tubIt seems wood burning stove water heaters work great for hot-tubs and steel drums work great for outdoor grills as well!

Thats it for me. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

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