Thank you Ryan for a wonderful post last night and for making me fall in love with numerous beautiful wood stoves that are waaaay beyond our budget. Who knows? We ended up with a free spiral staircase. I’d say at this point, anything can happen.

Tonight we’ve been throwing around ideas regarding the front of the house, what to do with the metal that will be removed from the shipping containers, and some inexpensive fencing options so that Soleil (our 2 year old daughter) can run free-range, but not fly the coop.


So, once the shipping containers are cut, welded and put in place, they will create a “u-shape.” This leaves the front of the house “open” and needing a wall/doors/etc.. As you may remember, we are cutting out 24 feet of the interior wall of the 40 foot container in the back of the house. Well that was confusing, still with me? If not, no bigs, just know that we’ve got 24×9.5 feet of freed-up metal and 24×9.5 feet of “in-need-of-enclosure” in the front. This is one option: weld that metal to the front of the house, work in front door and windows. My idea (second option), is to build a standard wall and use the barn wood we’ll be acquiring as the siding. We’re into the mixed-media feel. One part man made to one part nature made. Yin Yang. Wabi Sabi.

imagesSo, if we don’t bring that metal forward, what could we do with it? Apparently, we could make some fencing…

We’ll conclude tonight with a quote from our handout at church (Jubilee!) this morning.

“You’re burning with hope, you’re building up steam. What was once juvenilish is grow-up and stylish, you’re close to your dream.”  The Muppets

Seems just about right. Good night good people.


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