Well hey there everybody. It has been quite a long evening, but the day rounded out with some good home-related events. DSCF7460First Ryan came home with a truck load of salvaged wood. After working out the nails and sawzalling off some termite stricken portions, we were left with a nice stack of useable strips. DSCF7462Remember that shed that’s on the land? We’re thinking some of this could be used as siding for when we get around to giving it a little renovation love.


Awesome happening number two was we got a free lesson in laying tile. In our current rental, the area around the stove and sink was looking a little rough, so our landlord and his grandson came out to add some tile and spruce it up a bit. The difference is night and day and I think we pretty much understand the process now.

We are moving into a refocusing phase for our home design. It’s fun to throw around a million ideas, but the fact is we could do that til kingdom come. We also have to do a little bit if accepting about budget–what will make the cut and what won’t. Even some elements that would cost upfront, but save us down the road just can’t be accomplished with the available funds. It’s all good, just trying to make the best decisions we can based off of trusted opinions, level heads and splash of intuition.

All I can say is, “Thank you Soleil. You are the antidote to our stress and spinning brains.”DSCF7408


One thought on “Good Stuff

  1. Not to be nosy, but what is the budget, and have you considered starting a kickstarter to help with your funding? They allow art projects and literary projects, and since you’re wanting to write a book (maybe a documentary) about it, costs that add to the project might be considerable. I wouldn’t be able to donate much (Car accident and company buy out have left me unemployed) but I’d try to find 5 dollars to throw at a kickstarter for you.

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