Running Late Like We Do

Woooooowzas. If I start writing in tongues this evening, well, I guess just sit back and enjoy. The combo of mamahood, working, unpacking our home and packing for a weekend trip is making me just a smidge looney. Ain’t nothing new there.

We’re not ready to submit our plans before leaving Thursday, but that’s alright. It will be nice to review everything with the friends and family that we are going to be visiting with. It will also be a nice change to work on this from afar with a splash of fresh perspective.

Anyone know anything about turning barn wood into flooring?I kind of need this to happen in my life and under my feet…187886911_9nltAHz9_c




2 thoughts on “Running Late Like We Do

  1. that is… amazing! I have weathered wood floors but narrow boards… I LOVE the wide plank look… (sigh) SO jealous! 🙂

    1. Hi Tracey! We don’t know what we have yet, but this is what I’m envisioning and hoping it becomes some sort of reality. I bet your floors are beautiful!!

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