Thank you Ryan for a great spacesavin post last night. I like the hanging bed in theory, however I have been known to roll off of about every upper bunk I’ve slept on, only to be so rudely awoken by the floor below. Nothing like shock and full body aches to get ya going on Monday morning.

We’re on the 2 hour countdown until we are cruising 81N and everyone is getting to delight in my amazing radio singalong sessions. So in an effort to go due all the backing that should already be done, I’ll keep this brief.

What I really want is to link ya’ll up with Sarah House Utah. We posted this on our Facebook page (40×28), but in case you didn’t see it…

Check out the article at Inhabitat

Or visit Sarah House Utah on Facebook

This project is right on up our alley.index

Alright folks, be well. We’ll jump back on here when we’re all Virginia settled.


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