Home, Sweet Freakin’ Home

Hello from North Carolina! With a magical wedding completed, we hit the road this morning and set out for the Interstate 81 DSCF7518voyage. On the way, we saw a Mini Cooper completely engulfed in flames, an amazing pack job, and maybe just maybe,

someone’s future home…DSCF7513

Visiting my parents’ new house was great because like our home-to-be, their floor plan is completely open. We’ve been figuring that we would love this, but how nice to confirm our suspicions. Also, because they are living in a new development, we got to watch some pretty exciting construction which included lots of truss setting.DSCF7479

We’re returning home to lots of  To Do’s and a calendar full of tasks and deadlines. Deep breath. We are so grateful for our weekend getaway, our moments of decompression and celebration and our bellies full of bloody mary’s, wedding cake and laughter. Tonight we rest. Tomorrow we hit the pavement.

Soleil doing her flower gal duties
Soleil doing her flower gal duties

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