Come Check Out My Scattered Brain!

Some nights I just stare at this white page, hoping something interesting will decide to write itself. Tonight is one of those nights. There are a couple of exciting things in the works, but mum’s the word for a bit longer so I’ll try to zip it for now.

This morning’s 50 degree chill reminded us that winter will be stopping by to join us soon.  We really would love to have our foundation set before the coldest of days set in. So, now that we’re back in town it’s time to hand in our plans and wait for our approval. Time be a tickin’.

Greenery. It’s what my brain has been stuck on lately. In addition to a clean, minimalist home aesthetic, indoor plants are a top love. We don’t have many now, mostly because I’ve been previously unsuccessful at keeping anything alive. But I’m not giving up on myself yet. I just need to find plants like me…relatively low maintenance and throws a fit when they’re hungry.


Also super excited about being able to use rainwater for flushing toilets. Since we are going to be “on the grid,” it’s fun to see how many “off grid” type elements we can work in to the functioning of the home.

local restaurant using rain barrels
local restaurant using rain barrels

Today we were gifted a washer and dryer. Thank you friend. Life with a two year old just got a whole lot easier.

Well, this page looks full enough to me. Assignment completed. Good night!


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