Oh hey there!

Well, I guess when your 2 year old asks for a sawzall and a pallet knife, you know you’ve been talking alot of home building jibbajab. And we have. Most conversations these days revolve around some design or planning aspect. In an effort to not completely burn out over the coming months, Ryan and I are making Wednesdays our “home date night.” This basically means, we’ll take a couple hours of time off, one night a week, to catch up on missed Daily Show episodes. We’re such hopeless romantics.

Chick-a-Dee smoke detector

Tomorrow Ryan meets with our contractor to come up with a pricing list for the home. We hope to get as insanely specific as possible. Taking a serious look at our numbers will help us solidify our plans and push them further towards approval. There are so many little things to factor in. Like smoke detectors…speaking of which, this Apartment Therapy  article on modern smoke alarm selections is quite nifty.

We are also putting together our A-list team of contractors. Our main qualifications are: know your stuff, allow us to help when possible, and be crazy excited about this project. Actually, the guy who has been fixing lots of little things on our rental, might become one of our primary worker bees. His knowledge of just about everything is ridiculous. Plus, he gave Soleil a dollar tonight. I think he’s hired.

Alright sweet people, we’re off to some seriously mind-numbing Hulu veg out time. My favorite.


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