Scratch Dat

Well, we’ve had a little change of heart. We’ve had many so far and there will be many more to come, but this one was kind of mega. Ladies and gents, we have scratched the radiant floors.

In Ryan’s meeting with our contractor the other night, we came to the shocking realization that we had underestimated the cost of our foundation by about $5,000. This was not a particularly good realization, as just about every other dollar of our $40,000 budget has already been accounted for.

We had been set on radiant floors since the beginning…cozy bare feet in the winter…mmm. We weren’t going to finish the system, but we were going to lay the PEX tubing. Enter cost of tubing and cost of extra concrete. Not a huge expense, but for what we are trying to accomplish, every penny counts.

Late last night, Ryan serendipitously came across THIS article. The short version is that radiant floor heating is really not ideal for highly insulated, passive solar using homes…uh yeah, that’s us. There are overheating issues and the energy savings are most likely not what we had in mind.

Funny when you let go of something you’ve had a death grip on. It feels, well…awesome. Right now atleast, it feel like one less thing to allot time, money and resources to. And trust me, this is worth a hella hella lot.

A good reminder for us to stay focused, but also stay open.

Future derbettes?
Future derbettes?

In other news, Ryan and some dad dudes took the little ladies out for a night of roller derby madness. And I took myself on a dinner date with myself. Sad? No. Glorious.


6 thoughts on “Scratch Dat

  1. Same with us when we built our SIPS-constructed house. Just too much money and not enough savings in the long run. You might consider just a small section – like in the bathroom, or a tiny part of the living area.

  2. Wise words…living in an ongoing work in progress, I am glad we didn’t do some of what we planned. More options available now.

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