Welcome To The Hood

Hi friends! Everyone is sleeping and I’m super jealous so I’ll keep it on the briefer side…

I don’t know if I’ve really taken the time to explain the area we are now living in. The specific street we are on is fairly quiet, tree-lined, overall I would give it a “nice” rating. Surrounding our little street are a number of run down homes and homes used more as storage units rather than residences. Go up a street and you soon come to the entrances of two separate section 8 housing projects.

I love that we are living in a place with a bit of diversity…finally. In general, the neighbors we have met, all seem lovely. I had eyed a young family about 3 doors down who live in a beautiful, re-modeled home. Seeing that they were all enjoying some outdoor playtime, Soleil and I walked down there today, introduced ourselves and asked the mama of the home about what its been like living here so far. They moved in 6 years ago. She said it was a bit dicey at first, but it has been steadily improving every year (sweet, this is exactly what I wanted to hear).  Their home is a little slice of heaven, city chickens and all.

It is easy to avoid areas that have darker or not so pretty sides to them. But, perhaps, these are the areas that are in need of new life, new inspiration and a little bit of beauty most. We hope our home will be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the city to present the plans and information we have. We know we don’t have everything we need, but we hope to just get the ball rolling and clarify all required documentation and orders of action.

We’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how it goes!


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