We are, for sure, far from perfect. But, we must have collected a few good karma points along the way because we are being gifted left and right.

Building Permit OfficeAround 1 o’clock today, Ryan and I met at the permits office to hand in what we have and see what else we need. But, it wasn’t just me and Ryan. The woman who is selling us our land (who has also become a dear friend) met us as well. She has a good deal of experience with this process and this group of people as she has done multiple home improvement and renovation projects. Let’s just say, she saved our booties. She had printed and filled out multiple copies of EVERY form that was required. We were in and out of there in about half an hour. This is the equivalent of showing up at the DMV, having every form correctly filled out and leaving in under an hour. Yea, that rare.


They said our plans were “perfect” and “beautiful.” One small problem. The prints we brought them had “NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION” stamped in the background, such a light shade of ink that we had all missed it. This has been printed on all of our drafts, because well, they were drafts and not finals. We didn’t sweat it though, we just basked in the glory of our “beautiful” plans.

Even though we did not get the permit… we did get at least score a $52 water meter flag! Soleil liked the flag a whole lot… Ryan not so much.

StaplesWe have planned to return to the permits building at 7:30 tomorrow morning before Ryan heads off to work. Roughly 20 minutes ago, we received the updated prints from our engineer. That was at 8:40. Staples closes at 9:00. We have to have the enlarged copies printed tonight so that we can be there at the butt crack of dawn in the a.m.. We live 20 minutes from Staples, you do the math. Ryan was on the phone with their printer as he rushed out the door. His plea for not locking up until he got there was unbelievable. I think he even fake cried. Oh, he’s good.

…Ryan tagging in as Brook has fallen fast asleep with Soleil in the other room… we work hard… and late… yes we do. Wish us luck tomorrow with the building department! We will need all the help we can get.

Thanks for reading and have a nice night!


5 thoughts on “Permit?

  1. hello. I have been planning to starting a container home build on my empty lot.I can’t find a structural engineerto draw up my plans, which is a requirement for me in Florida.can you tell me if you were required to have one, and how you found him?

    1. Hiring an engineer, whether required or not, is probably the best money you will spend. I would contact our engineer, Patrick Beville, of IONCON engineering. He is licensed in several states and may be able to help you. Best of luck!

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