Back At It

Well, we all awoke to the gosh awful sound of cell phone alarms this morning. I have woken to the natural alarm of baby cries for a couple of years now and I would take that over an assaulting  “BEEP BEEP BEEP” any day. Once we sprang out of bed in P1030049 sheer panic, we took a few deep breaths and pulled ourselves together to make it back down to the permits office.

early bird gets the permit?

We were there for a little over an hour and in the end it all worked out. We have applied to be our own contractor in an effort to save time and money when pulling future permits/making adjustments/etc.. We also obtained paperwork for Ryan to apply to the city’s electrical training course. It is a $75 course and an exam which, if passed, would allow him to do our electrical work. We would still have someone check over everything, but it would free us from having to hire a licensed electrician. Submitting our final plans and getting the ball rolling for review made our bill come to just under $800. Ouch.

At this point, we’re thinking they have no idea that our future abode is constructed, partially, of shipping containers. We sure as heck are not pointing this fact out. We don’t know when our little truth by omission might surface, but we are envisioning it as a “non-hurdle.” “Oh wow! This is great!,” they will say. Come on team, let’s keep this vision going together.

So now we sit and we wait. Within the next 2 weeks we expect to hear the good news that our t’s are crossed, our i’s are dotted and the green light is ours.


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