Art’s What’s Up

Deanna Chilian

So when I am not writing, blogging, building, or wiping up the puddles beneath an “I’m not really feeling this whole potty training thing” two year old…I will occasionally sneak away for a performance opportunity. Tonight was a very special night honoring the gallery opening of my sweet and talented friend, Deanna Chilian. Her abstracts are the for real deal. As the backdrop to her art, the amazing Jeff Thompson ( hypnotized us all, as usual, with his New Orleans soul and ridiculous voice. I threw in a handful of spoken word pieces and we all delighted in the joy of the evening.

Today I was met with reassuring words from three different sources. The consensus is this: we hired and paid for an engineer. His stamp of approval is really worth gold. It’s like the city of Asheville being able to say, “Ok, we wipe our hands clean of any liability. If your engineer says this to-be home is structurally sound, you have our blessings.” This was a pretty huge clarification for me. I was under the impression that everyone had an engineer, that everyone’s plans look as beautiful and profession as ours, that we were up against alot of competition, so to speak. Not so much. It is very common for contractors to bring in their own plans, often even hand drawn. And as long as everything’s up to code, these often pass as well. It has been so completely worth every cent to have IONCON backing us up and helping us create plans that jive with our budget.

There have been a handful of loose dogs on our street this week, pushing me to figure out some fencing options. I want Soleil to have the free-range option without us being all fuss and worry. We would like to keep with the theme of reused, recycled materials. If anyone has seen or done something cool in this department, feel free to share!

Good night good people.





2 thoughts on “Art’s What’s Up

  1. Brook,
    Sounds like a wonderful performance night. Wish I could have been there. I’m working more lately (working for Liberty Corner now) and will have some overtime next week. Good for the pocketbook.
    Back to performance. I bet that was a great one:you, Jeff and your visual artist friend’s work. Tonight, after work, I plan to drop by All Souls church. I saw in the Mountain Xpress that they are hosting a free reading by Maurice Manning, a poet I’ve heard good things about, but haven’t been able to hear yet. I am excited.
    Blessings on your creative and constructive ventures, overlapping as I am sure that they might.

    1. Hi Anne! It was a very nice night indeed, wish you had been there too. You’ll have to tell me how Maurice was when I see you next….Thank you for the blessings on our home building project, We’ve got a busy year ahead of us, but hopefully a joy filled one as well! Don’t work too hard, see you soon.

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