What an amazingly beautiful day here in the Southeast. Soleil and I put in some serious park time during the pre-lunch hours. She finally took a gnarly spill off of the play structure. About a 5 foot drop. A little shock, no injury, no tears. Badass.

I’ve received a couple of great fencing ideas in response to last night’s plea. recycled-glass-wall-using-gabionsThis is probably one of the coolest. A little hard to see what exactly is going on here, but basically, that blueish colored wall is galvanized steel mesh filled with used glass bottles. It wouldn’t make up the fencing for the entire perimeter, but it could be a sweet feature wall to incorporate as some portion of the whole. And, it doesn’t have to be glass bottles either. It could simply be the scraps from home construction. Whether we go this route or not, this one definitely got me thinking outside the box.

Turns out, the city needs not only stamped copies of our plans, but signed ones as well. Our engineer is on it and we should have them delivered by mid-day Monday.

Hope everyone’s Friday is turning out to be a great one. Be back tomorrow, same place, ’round about same time.


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