Pretty Things

It’s happened again. It happens often. Alas, I have fallen for another beautiful blog.

My Scandinavian Home is clean, crisp and super inspiring.

38c205f799e6fb1bbc2d457473f1cc31Loving the easy shmeezy hanging of these light and breezy curtains. We have been using copper piping as our curtain rods for awhile now and I love them as well. So many simple solutions to items that are most often completely overpriced.

This is pretty sweet…often when semi trailers are being decommissioned or salvaged, you can snag access to the beautifully worn, original oak flooring that lines the beds. Ryan’s parents did this and had the wood turned into amazing butcher block counter tops. On our way back from Virginia, we pulled off at a truck stop to see if anyone knew of any retired truck lots. When we told them what we were up to, the expressions we received were, well, priceless really.

Tomorrow we hope to re-visit the permits office and hand over our stamped AND signed final drafts. Hope everyone is falling into Fall with ease and grace…

And remember…



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