DSCF7181Remember the shed that was going to come with the land? The one we loved that would be ideal for holding building materials and tools while we construct the home? You know, the one we had started dreaming of turning into a little studio or efficiency-style rental? Yeah. That has to be torn down.

As you can see in this little snapshot, it is super close to the road. This used to be o.k., but not no mo. The city called today to let us know and to give us the heads up that demolition must happen before we are permitted to build.

We definitely had our moment of mourning, but when we gave it a little space we realized…

A. It will cost a lot less to tear the shed down than to rehab it into something useable (even as a shed it needs quite a bit of work).

B. We can use some of the materials for our home.

C. Removing the shed really will give us more yard space for veggie growing and chicken chasing.

D. With the shed gone, cranes and trucks will be able to move onto the land with greater ease. Also, we think we may be able to cut the containers on-site now, as opposed to renting a work space and then having to transport them to the land.

So, the tentative plan of action is: Have the goats come clear the land this coming Tuesday. After they’re done munchin’, we’ll bring in the crew to help with the demolition and grading of not only the land where the shed now stands, but hopefully the rest of the lot as well.

That’s what’s up. We figure, there’s really no reason to get fussy because this whole thing is a bit of an experiment and we’re just so lucky to be chasing down our dream with you guys in tow. Everything is falling into place as it should, and I have a feeling this slight bummer might actually be a blessing in the end.

Onward march.



One thought on “Blip

  1. Actually, when Ryan was showing me the land last week, I was thinking you might be able to reuse the wood etc from the shed instead of messing around with it. It’s all good. Better feng shui too 🙂

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