Christchurch, NZ

Some days I really am at a loss of what to write about. But, almost always, by the time I actually sit down and stare at this glowing white page, there is some little slice of info or interest that has found its way into my day.

Today’s classroom ended up being a local park. While building sandcastles, I was introduced to a friend of a friend who had spent some time a few years ago in Christchurch, New Zealand. She reminded me of the mega earthquake that hit the city in 2011. She went on to tell me that the whole downtown area had been rebuilt using…dun duh duh duuuuun…shipping containers.

From this…






To this…








images images


The rebuilding after this level of natural disaster is obviously a long process.  The use of shipping containers has certainly helped speed reconstruction and breathe new life into such a devastated town.

Happy almost Friday everyone, aaaaaand good night.




2 thoughts on “Christchurch, NZ

  1. See Brook…you’ve got the right idea! Really enjoying your posts…Derek and I read them and talk about your adventure each day. Thanks.

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