Ok everyone. I’ve got a smidge of advice. This is a good one. If you plan on building your own home, this is kind of a must. I really can’t believe we’re just realizing this. Ladies and gents, if you’re going to building yourself some kind, any kind, of dwelling, then you’ve got to get yourself a truck. Plain and simple.images

We have been graced with multiple truckloads of this and that from friends and fam, but we’re afraid we could lose those friends and fam if we make too many more “Could we borrow…” calls.  Because so many of our building materials are used and often free, they require us to pick up and haul. We’ve had some great offers lately and we really don’t want to miss out just because we don’t have the right wheels for the job. As they have many many times before, Ryan’s parents have saved the day. They have an old farm truck that we can use if we get some tags and add it onto our insurance. If it’s in good enough condition, good enough for a little 20 mile circle around us, I think it would be a huge asset to our project.

Alright alright, off to snag some zzzz’s.



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