Toddlers, Roofs, And Bears Oh My!

Hey Folks,

It’s been cold here in the Appalachian hills. Trying to find shelter from freezing temps, we snuck in to Soleil’s gymnastics class this morning. She didn’t seem to mind.

P1030092My parents have been hanging with us for the weekend which has been just delightful.  Today Ryan and my dad spent quite awhile going over construction technique. My builder-man dad came up with a grading and foundation idea that will save us a whole lota time a money. More on that to come…

Just down the street we’ve got some awesome neighbors that are doing a HUGE renovation on their home. Ryan jumped right in and lent a hand on some roof deconstruction. Might as well start warming up for the game, right?







And the day just really wouldn’t be complete without a bear in tree. Seriously? When did bears start climbing trees? Not cool bears, not cool.


2 thoughts on “Toddlers, Roofs, And Bears Oh My!

  1. If you guys need some tile, I have several cases of various types that I’ll never be able to use up.

    1. That would be awesome Paul!! Could my mom pick them up next time she drops by? I’m sure she could re-pay in Spudnut doughnuts or some other Charlottesville treat 🙂

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