Wash Closet Woes

Time to start talking about the the loo, the WC, the lavatory, the bathroom. Our home will have two and they will both be modest in size. So far we have collected 1 black exterior claw foot tub indexand 1 sink. We have also just been offered a bit of tile. We want these rooms, like every other room, to be simple yet beautiful. Even though bathrooms are often a home’s smaller rooms, they can climb the cost ladder pretty quick. So, we are attempting a thought out plan of attack. We’re pretty sure most of you have atleast one of these rooms, so we would love to hear your favorite features and designs as well as your great ideas run amok.

Tomorrow morning, Ryan and our engineer head down to the permits building to answer questions and share our project with interested plan reviewers and inspectors. I am feeling confident that the meeting will be an absolute success and that all meeting attendees will leave feeling excitement and anticipation.

We also get a visit from the goats tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good lawn eating weather.



4 thoughts on “Wash Closet Woes

  1. I love my old claw foot tub. One word of advice, don’t put it too close to the wall… If you want to paint, or put up wallpaper or change the surface in any way, it’s hard if the tub is slam up against the wall… plus, no matter how careful water and soap splash… and it’s nearly impossible to clean thoroughly when it’s too close, not to mention doing any plumbing repairs. 🙂 I’ve been reading every day, living vicariously through your experience!

  2. One bit of advice, if at all possible, install European style drains in the floors of all bathrooms/laundry areas for any overflow to drain out. It may take extra labor/cost/innovation, but not having to sully every towel in the house the first time someone clogs the toilet is well worth it. Also, don’t forget to check your local Habitat for Humanity Restore for great deals on tile, or the curb area of any new construction/subdivisions going on. Relatives worked new construction and would send up a curb alert to my father in law when there was a lot of extra (someone changed their mind about the color of the toilet, but it was too late to return, builders couldn’t reuse it because they had already billed for it so it was to be trashed, Dad got a free toilet and lots of other stuff that way.)

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