Drumroll Please…

Guess what? Guess what guess what guess what guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Our plans went through. We are permitted to build! I know you guys were hoping and praying and wishing us well so crack a beer, a bottle of wine or some kind of fizzy something because we did it. We really really did it!!!!

The day has been long, but oh so rewarding. It started with Ryan busting down to the city permits building round about 7 a.m.. Our engineer had to drive over two hours to get to the meeting and he accidentally hit a raccoon, so…he wins.

The meeting was a success. The city’s main concern was insulation. When Ryan explained the closed cell spray foam solution, all was good. Our engineer made a plea for the shed and in the end…it gets to stay until construction is complete. Demolition will have to occur before we receive our certificate of occupancy. Yea, engineer man definitely wins today.

Back on the home front, Soleil and I excitedly welcomed our land chompin goats. They were hard at work from about 10-5, with a little siesta around 2:00. Jealous. P1030126Here’s a few “before” shots of the land:







P1030127 The herd will be back tomorrow and maybe Friday so stay tuned for the “after” pics. They are definitely working their way through some thick vines, poison ivy, and thorny brush. Very impressive.

Around 8:00 this evening we headed over to another meeting, this one with the seller of the land. We signed all of the paperwork and continued to plan out the preparation of the site. Tomorrow we write the biggest check we’ve ever written and then march our deed to the land back down to the city.

I think I’m missing about 10 other things that happened today, but we’ve definitely hit the highlights. Thank you all for your continued support and positivity. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ve also come a long way so far!





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