Land, Bam, Thank You Ma’am

Well, for the first time in our lives, we are certified, bonified land owners. I mean, not really land owners because we don’t believe anyone can claim Mama Earth, but let’s just say we’re borrowing a little piece of her and she don’t come cheap. We’re excited, very excited. But, the celebration will have to come a little later. A.) There’s just too much to do. B.) If we think about accomplishing such a grown up thing too much, we get totally wigged out.


The goats were back at it today. As they work through the thick of it, we’ve discovered quite a bit of trash and broken debris which Ryan’s sister and I have been working to clear.


We’ve also got a large pile of fallen branches and inedibles that we continued to contribute to today.






How wonderful it is to tame your own land. One day we will play in a beautiful yard that houses chickens and gives rich soil to gardens and we will remember what the land was and how far it has come. Friday will most likely be our last goat day. Many many thanks to Megan and her herd. Megan is an endless source of knowledge when it comes to all things livestock and vegetation and I’ve had a blast gaining an ounce of this information.


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