HoneyWeGottaDo Lists

This coming week we hit the road, St Louis bound. Yes, we have much to do and busting out of town feels a little extra crazy right now, but family is always numero uno and we’re excited to spend the week with Ryan’s extended family.

Before we bounce we’ve got a short To Do list. First, bring the deed to the land to the permits office. We also need to fill out an online form for an appointed lien holder, necessary for all construction jobs over $30,000. We’re also going to try to pull tags and get insurance on the farm truck. When that all goes through, our first pick-up will be the spiral staircase so we can start cleaning ‘er up. Wednesday morning, Ryan has a meeting with the heads of all departments of MB Haynes Corporation to discuss them being a part of our project. They do plumbing, electrical, and just about everything else.

The owners of Mountain Goatscapes have a dog that has wandered away so their attention has been redirected for the moment. We are so hopeful that their sweet Lou Lou will sniff her way home very soon.

Here is the before and after of the upper portion of land:

beforelotclearing (1 of 1)
aftergoats (1 of 1)

Of Course Soleil  had to help…

soleilclearinglot3 (1 of 1)(1)


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