Search And Rescued

Good news of the day: Ryan’s sister found her dog! It was a harrowing three days, but Lou Lou is home and recovering. Aaaaaaamen.

Lou Lou
Lou Lou

This morning, Ryan rose with the sun (or close enough) and got to work helping out with our neighbor’s new roof. He’s getting a good, free education and together they’re coming up with a money saving plan for our own roof. Thanks for busting butt Ryan, I have a feeling it’ll all come back around.

The goats are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. Munch munch.

Has anyone used an interesting material for siding? T1-11, a relatively inexpensive plywood, is

what our engineer recommended. However, our first attempts will be to use recycled/rehabed wood or other materials.

Good night lovely readers!


One thought on “Search And Rescued

  1. I’ve been interested in rain screens and the japanese method of charing wood to waterproof it. Both of these techniques (and perhaps both used together) would be compatible with reclaimed wood. I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts!

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