One Foot, Then The Other

The ache of the low back is so sweet when it comes from raking Autumn leaves on your own land. The goats finished their work while Soleil and I were out this morning. We spent some ‘should be napping, but not napping’ afternoon hours picking up leftover sticks and stumps and adding to our ever-growing leaf piles. I think we’ll build a composting area soon so that a good deal of this collected material can start turning into nice, rich gardening soil.

e9c7e5726a5e112ce4231e23c871217bAlthough Ryan is now the documented contractor, we are still under the mentorship and guidance of Hewn Home Inc.. This evening Ryan has been consulting with them, continuing to crunch numbers and laying out a clear and concise plan for the foundation. As soon as we return home next week, we will begin moving earth and pouring concrete. Holy crap! Pretty awesome.

Alright, falling asleep as I type, I’ll take that as my cue…

OOO, but before I go, this is awesome.  We fell for these sliding doors many moons ago, but had thought they’d be too pricey to pull off. Then Ryan’s mom found this DIY which lays out how to pull a couple old doors and some basic hardware together for a total of $58! Yes, please. And good night.

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